Directing your gift.

Supporting Parishes

Planned Giving: St. Mary of the Assumption Parish, Lawrence

One effective way to make a lasting impact on the parishes you hold dear is to leave a bequest through the Catholic Community Fund. For St. Mary of the Assumption Parish in Lawrence, a very generous planned gift from a longtime parishioner William McConnor made a world of difference.

Mr. McConnor named St. Mary’s as one of the beneficiaries of his estate, and upon his passing the parish received the bequest which totaled $4 million. Fr. John Dello Russo, Parochial Vicar at the parish, believes McConnor made this gift to the parish because he wanted to see it continue to grow and thrive even after he was gone. 

According to Fr. Dello Russo, the bequest was a wonderful morale boost for the parish and its parishioners and the funds enabled the parish to make much-needed repairs allowing it to continue as a vibrant, thriving faith community: “Mr. McConnor’s bequest allowed us to undertake some of the needed capital repairs. Without these funds, we would not have been able to complete these projects.”

You can make a planned gift to your parish for general support or for a specific purpose.

Supporting Schools

Changing Lives through the Marr Scholarship

When Samuel Cintra was growing up in Cuba, he never imagined that someday he would be attending an American University on a full academic scholarship studying to become a doctor. Then again, he didn’t anticipate having the opportunity to receive an exceptional education at a Catholic school in Boston. But thanks to the Daniel F. Marr, Jr. Scholarship Endowment, Samuel was able to attend St. John Paul II Catholic Academy, where he was given a solid academic foundation on which to grow.

Now in his second year at Denison University, Samuel is on a pre-med track, and looks forward to giving back once he earns his degree. Focusing on global health, he dreams of going back to Cuba or other “third world” countries to help as many people as he can:

“I came from a third-world country and I want to push forward to be a leader who helps vulnerable people.”

You can make a planned gift to your parish school or any Archdiocesan school to help with scholarship funding or other types of operational support.

Supporting Social Services

Investing in Social Services: The Brockton Food Pantry

Through support for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston (CCAB), the Catholic Community Fund helps critical social service organizations like the Brockton Food Pantry (BFP), which serves approximately 26,000 people throughout the year.

The largest food pantry in Brockton, BFP supplies guests seeking food with four full bags of groceries every three months. Beth Chambers, Director of CCAB South, says “We are absolutely critical to the local community because, although food is our priority, the Brockton Food Pantry is much more than that—we serve those in need, and we don’t judge.”

The funds dedicated to our social services contribute to the long-term success and growth of our ministries and programs that help hundreds of thousands of people of all faiths each year.

You can make a planned gift to a wide variety of social service organizations and ministries within the Archdiocese of Boston. From small parish-based programs supporting basic needs in a community to large organizations like Catholic Charities.​

Supporting Central Ministries

Puer Natus Fund: Supporting Pro-Life Ministry

Through the Catholic Community Fund, one generous donor established the Puer Natus Fund, an endowment fund to support the Archdiocese’s Pro-Life ministry. The donor began the fund with the hope that it would promote respect for all human life created in the image and likeness of God, from conception to natural death, saying, “It is important to spread the word about Pro-Life ministry because human life is a precious gift from God.”
The Pro-Life Office works to build a culture of life in our Archdiocese and aims to protect and nurture human life at every stage of existence. They provide direct services through Pregnancy Help Centers which assist women experiencing crisis pregnancies, Project Rachel post-abortion ministry, the Respect Life Education program, and support to parish and diocesan pro-life activities.

You can make a planned gift to one of the more than 50 Archdiocesan ministries that bring the presence of Christ to the world around us.

Supporting Clergy & Women Religious

A Spiritual Community for Brother Priests

Some of our endowment funds go directly to supporting Regina Cleri, the Archdiocese’s home for senior priests in Boston’s West End. Operated and funded by the Clergy Trust, Regina Cleri is not just a home, it is a faith community for nearly 60 senior diocesan priests in good standing.

The priests living at Regina have given a combined nearly 3,000 years of service to the Archdiocese of Boston, and many have served all over the world. There are parish priests, pastors, military chaplains, St. James Society missionaries. It’s hard to fathom the amount of good these men have done, and the countless lives they have impacted through their ministry.

Our priests give their entire lives to serving our church and our communities. Regina Cleri is the place where they can go to be taken care of as they age, while living in fraternal solidarity and faith with their brother priests. In the words of the residents at Regina Cleri, they are “walking each other home.”

The staff at Regina Cleri are committed to supporting the physical and emotional health of each and every resident. Since 1964, their mission has been to provide senior priests with unmatched holistic care to support their quality of life and changing needs. This enables them to continue dedicating their later years to their lifelong vocation of service to Christ and His Church. Many of the priests continue celebrating Masses at parishes throughout the diocese, make hospital visits to the sick, and a variety of other ministerial and volunteer activities.

You can make a planned gift to support active and senior diocesan priests in good standing, or the more than 1,200 religious sisters representing 52 religious communities.

Supporting Seminaries

The education and faith formation of men studying for the priesthood is critical to ensuring a strong, vibrant Church.

A Spiritual Community for Brother Priests

If you ask Fr. Dennis Dever to sum up how he feels about living at Regina Cleri, you would get just one word—gratitude. In 2013, Fr. Dever was welcomed into Regina Cleri, a residence and true spiritual home for senior diocesan priests in good standing located in Boston’s West End.
Regina Cleri residents benefit from a dedicated staff who provide a wide range of holistic services that help cultivate the quality of life we would want for our own family.

Fr. Dever appreciates the level of comfort he enjoys at Regina Cleri as well as the independence he is able to maintain through active ministry. Most of all, he is grateful for the community of brother priests whose prayers continue to be answered each day through the faith and fellowship they share.

Endowments through the Catholic Community Fund help secure future funding for Regina Cleri, ensuring that priests of the Archdiocese of Boston have a spiritual home where they can live out their vocation as they age in place.

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